Safety: Protect Your Hands

Safety: Protect Your Hands

First and foremost, I need to teach you Safety. Everyone gets hurt drumming, but I can save you from that. If you don't follow these tips, you are going to hurt your hands, and I lose a precious student, and the world loses your joy! So listen up friends.

First Step:


Yes, all rings. The more they mean to you, the more important it is to remove them. For one, the rings will get damaged. Far more importantly, you will get damaged, because a bent ring will cut off your circulation in your finger, and it can swell up. Third, the drum will get damaged from the metal.

Second Step:


Make the triangle with your hands (see video please). Place your hand triangle on the drum, with your little finger just right...

  1. your first knuckle on the soft skin toward the center
  2. with your soft skin on the hard wood part of the drum

Also hold your thumbs out and away from the edge of the drum, so they don't hit the side or the cords.

The triangle safety zone also puts your elbows in the right position for more energy, better posture, and greater comfort.

OK you did it, you completed another lesson.

Let's go have some fun.